5 common characteristics of happy couples

Happy couples are not born automatically. You have to nurture your relationship to become happy. Here are five characteristics that all happy couples have.

Good communication

Happy couples communicate with each other all the time. They talk and express their feelings other than acting out. They don’t cheat, lie, talk about one another behind their backs, give the silent treatment to each other, yell at each other, beat each other, or forget their anniversary. They talk about www.cowboysnearby.com their problems openly. They are empathetic and can share their feelings with each other without hesitating. Happy couples want to resolve conflicts and become intimate again.


Happy couples never break their commitment to one another. They take their marriage vows seriously. This brings stability in their relationship; so, they can deal with the ups and downs of their relationship.When there is a commitment, there won’t be any judgment, threats or divorce. It is a strong foundation of a relationship.


Happy couples accept one another as who they are. They accept each other ‘s imperfections. Unhappy couples try to change one another. So, conflict starts to take place in the relationship which eventually breaks.


Happy couples have a passion for each other. Passion gives relationship its vitality. If there is no passion I relationship, then the relationship becomes empty.Good communication can increase passion. So, couples should share things honestly.


Love means you will feel the trust and safety in person just like you feel like your mother. Love is not conveyed through words. You need to show your love.

If you don’t have these characteristics in your relationship, then you are probably not a happy couple. Try to establish these characteristics in your relationship and have a happy life together forever.

Image source: watersedgecounselling.com
Image source: watersedgecounselling.com

Top 5 stress-free dating spots for your first date

It is not necessary to go to an expensive restaurant for your first date. It is not worthwhile to spend too much money on someone you don’t know. You need to choose a place that is casual and stress-free. Here are some ideas.

Coffee Shop


Coffee shop is a great place for a first date. You can meet your date at any time in a coffee shop. First date need not be very long. You can just order a cup of coffee and talk. See what happens from there. The date shouldn’t be longer than half an hour.



You can meet at a park if it’s a sunny day. You can walk and have some pleasant conversation. Nature will help you to be in your best mood to make the most out of your first date.



You can meet at a big chain bookstore. You can get a place to seat, talk about yourselves and books! You will find interesting things about each other and may be getting to like each other.



You can play bowling or golf together. It’s fun, and you can get close by helping each other in the game. The environment is energetic, and you can have a stress-less time.



You can go to a beach or a park for a picnic. It is a fun and romantic idea. You can take food from grocery stores. Don’t forget to take blanket and music. It’s a chance to have a very romantic time on your first date.

These places are far better than an expensive restaurant. You will get to know one another better by dating in these stress-less places.

4 tips for writing the best online dating profile

A dating profile is the first thing people look at when they search for someone on a dating site. It is an opportunity to showcase your unique personality and the best photos. Here are some tips to write the best dating profile to win many hearts.

Answer carefully

After you sign up for the dating site, you will be asked some basic information about yourself. You should find the right words that best describe you. You should give information about what you like to do, eat, etc. The answers you give will help people to connect with you. People do advance searches to match personalities. So, you should answer the questions accurately and be honest about yourself.

Write about your interests

You should write about yourself as much as you can in the ‘More About Me’ section. You should write about your hobbies, the things you are passionate about, and more. You can discuss your favorite destination, food, etc. so that people can get a better idea about you.

Give an interesting headline for your profile

This will make your profile distinctive and make you stand out from the crowd. You should choose a headline that is honest and intriguing. It must be brief and to the point to grab attention.

Upload a profile picture

Profiles that have a photo attract the most attention. So, you must upload a photo of yours. Make sure you upload one of your best photos so that people find you attractive.

Use these tips to write your profile. Always make sure to include as much detailed information as possible and be honest. It will help you to find the right person.