Happy couples are not born automatically. You have to nurture your relationship to become happy. Here are five characteristics that all happy couples have.

Good communication

Happy couples communicate with each other all the time. They talk and express their feelings other than acting out. They don’t cheat, lie, talk about one another behind their backs, give the silent treatment to each other, yell at each other, beat each other, or forget their anniversary. They talk about www.cowboysnearby.com their problems openly. They are empathetic and can share their feelings with each other without hesitating. Happy couples want to resolve conflicts and become intimate again.


Happy couples never break their commitment to one another. They take their marriage vows seriously. This brings stability in their relationship; so, they can deal with the ups and downs of their relationship.When there is a commitment, there won’t be any judgment, threats or divorce. It is a strong foundation of a relationship.


Happy couples accept one another as who they are. They accept each other ‘s imperfections. Unhappy couples try to change one another. So, conflict starts to take place in the relationship which eventually breaks.


Happy couples have a passion for each other. Passion gives relationship its vitality. If there is no passion I relationship, then the relationship becomes empty.Good communication can increase passion. So, couples should share things honestly.


Love means you will feel the trust and safety in person just like you feel like your mother. Love is not conveyed through words. You need to show your love.

If you don’t have these characteristics in your relationship, then you are probably not a happy couple. Try to establish these characteristics in your relationship and have a happy life together forever.

Image source: watersedgecounselling.com
Image source: watersedgecounselling.com

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