How to Maintain a Successful Relationship with a Trucker

So you’ve met guy. You like him, he seems to like you and you hit it off right away. But as soon as you start talking, you find out that he’s a trucker. This is uncharted territory for you right?
I’m guessing you’ve never dated a trucker before, but you’ve surely heard stories about it. While it’s a respectful profession, and the money’s good, everybody know that truckers’ wives and girlfriends are often left home alone, because of their partners’ working hours.
While regional truckers mostly stay close to home, most truck drivers chose to go “over the road” in order to make more money. And this means they need to drive across state line for weeks at a time.

The Challenges of Dating a Trucker

Ok, let’s start with the most obvious thing – the distance. You see, trucker dating is quite similar to dating a pilot or a professional athlete. Due to the fact that most drivers spend a number of hours on the road every week, you pretty much have a long distance relationship on your hands.

This may be a turn off to some, because some women want to in a relationship with someone who’s besides them 24/7. Although dating a trucker can be though at times – it certainly isn’t impossible. You just need to work a bit harder to make it work.

How to Utilize Technology

Lack of “face time” can be a turn off to some, because some women want to in a relationship with someone who’s besides them 24/7. But – speaking of Face Time – with the technology we have available today, you can still talk to your partner for hours every day.
Having dinner together or going on a movie date isn’t possible, you’ll need to be more creative with your communications, because it’s important to keep your romance alive when your significant other is on the road.
Since the devices you and your partner have in your pockets have more computing power than all of NASA’s computers that sent a man to the Moon, you should utilize all of that power and start utilizing some of these communication methods:

The Rules of Communication
Now, we may have said that you should TRY to communicate with your partner every day. That doesn’t mean you should consider breaking up with him if he fails to call you one night. When you’re dealing with a person working away, the rules of communication are a bit different.
For starters, expecting your partner to call you every time he makes a quick a break is simply too much. As a matter of fact – it’s a recipe for a disaster. Also, keep in mind that trucking can be lonely, so your boyfriend may need someone to talk to about the most mundane things. So have patience with him.
Lastly, make a deal to talk every day at the same day and make a routine out of it. While the conversations may not always be thrilling, this is a great way to stay emotionally connected and keep your partner in good spirits at all times.

Make Every Moment Count

Truth be told – your relationship may be though. Once your boyfriend gets back from the road, he may need a couple of days to unwind and settle in. So instead of pressuring your partner spend every second of his time with you as soon as he comes back, give him some time to relax.
Of course you have your personal needs, but your relationships needs to come first, so have your partner’s needs in mind at all times. Finally, remember that it’s not the number of moments but the quality of the moments you spend together that matters.